今はもう笑って話せるようになるとは 2019.10.18
ようやく「大型で非常に強い」から「大型で強い」に。。。 2019.10.13
今日はスポーツ中継の日 2019.10.05
衣替え中 2019.09.27
「凪のお暇」が終わってしまった。。。 2019.09.21

My Life ,My Love ,My All


今回は、カーク・フランクリンの「My Life,My Love,My All」http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2CNQiYtPTM&feature=related歌います♪


My hands were made To worship you
My heart, my King It beats for you

Oh Lamb So true
I surrender to you

My life (I give) My love(I give) My all(All)

[Verse 2:]
Your touch Your kiss Your grace To me
Is deeper Than my soul can see
My purpose it changed
When I called out your name

My life (I give) My love(I give) My all(All)

My past has been erased
With just one touch from you
My clouds My rain My pain Has changed
Your blood has made me new

My life (I give) My love(I give) My all(All)

(and when)And When This world
(has come)Has come
(to end)to end
(and paradise)And par(when I see your face)adise
(when you call for me father)
With you (you'll wipe every tear Father) Begins
(and this is what He'll say)Well done
(you'll say)you'll say
(when I see)When I see your face

My life (I give) My love(I give) My all(All)

Jesus you are
Jesus you are

この世が終わる時、神様は私に Well Done!!(よくできました!)なんて絶対言ってくれへんやろうなぁ。。。「まぁ、イマイチだったけど、頑張ってはいたね!」と言っていただければ充分です…みたいな気分になる曲です(笑)


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